About the Spackman’s

Chaz and I’s love story is a little long and slightly complicated, could possibly be turned into a novel, then turned into a movie after that… BUT to sum it up we met when we were 12 and 13 at our county fair. We evolved into high school sweethearts, had a short break in college, then fate stepped in and our lives joined us back together a couple years later. We got married, had our beautiful baby girl, and here we are!

We live in small town Idaho where we have a smaller two bedroom home, a medium sized dog (that we don’t know exactly what he is,) and a large amount of love. We live our lives pretty simply by trying to move aside the clutter and focusing on the important things in life that you can’t get monetarily. We work together to budget our lives each day and find joy in the simpler things in life.

We both work full time jobs, plus opened our own gym to fuel our passion of health and fitness, all while learning each day in parenting our sweet baby girl.  We find and plan our time to travel to places on our bucket list of destinations while sticking to a budget.

My hope in this blog is to share with you the little hacks we have found to save a little money, to find happiness in the smaller things, and help you find some motivation for fitness!  I hope you’ll follow along with us and find some inspiration here and there. See you soon!


The Spackman’s



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