When Your Budget Becomes Too Frustrating to Deal

I talk a lot on here about how saving and budgeting is just the best thing we have ever decided to do. What I don’t talk too much about is the frustration that can come with it at times.

95% of the time, my mindset is pretty clear cut about sticking to our budget and putting the rest into savings/investments for future endeavors. For the most part, I’ve learned to sideline my urges to buy and I’ve taught my brain to stop looking at all the advertisements and emails that pop up in my feed. There are too many pretty things out there, and my mind easily gets distracted… “SQUIRREL!” …by them. However, every once in awhile it all just hits me, and I get so.  Incredibly. Frustrated.

In the month of November, it all just started piling up in my brain.
I was looking for Christmas gifts for our baby and for our family members we had on our list. $$$ I was also looking at excursions and adventures for our trip to Asia. $$$ Chaz was having surgery. $$$ We found out we were going to have a drop in our income in the next year. $$$ I had landed a great paying promo gig then lost it the same week. $$$ I had opened up a couple of income streams and they weren’t producing yet. (They were things that needed time and I was being extremely impatient.) $$$

Our expenses were piling up, our income streams were strained, and yet there was so much I wanted to purchase. I could not for the life of me separate myself from the things I wanted and the present issues at hand. I had all of a sudden wanted more things than we discussed for our Christmas. I wanted to do ALL OF THE THINGS while we are in Asia. (I mean, it’s Asia, we may never go back.) And at the same time, we had reparative surgeries to pay for. WHERE WAS MY MIND?!

I finally took a step back and realized I had two problems going on:
First, I was actively LOOKING for these things that we “had” to buy. I was searching for gifts and things for the holiday that were not on our planned list, and I was on the hunt for every single thing we could possibly do while we are on the other side of the world and I wanted to do them ALL.  I find that the more I search for the items to purchase, the easier it is for me to get sucked into all the things this world of advertising has to offer me and I just want to buy, buy, buy harder than NSYNC.
Second, after I would find these things I wanted to purchase, my ATTITUDE would shift drastically and become so negative knowing that I “couldn’t” purchase any of it. I was starting to feel like our Christmas would be empty and I was literally getting sadder and sadder by the minute looking at the things in China/Thailand that would be wayyy too far out of our budget to participate in. (I’ve said it before, traveling is just my thing. It affects me in many ways…)

Instead of focusing on what we HAVE already for Christmas and most importantly our beautiful daughter who is the best gift we’ve ever received, or focusing on the pure fact that we even get the opportunity to go to Asia in the first place, I was looking for something “better.” Something more. My attitude was ruining all of the good things we already had. When I finally realized this, I decided to do my best to change my thinking and my attitude. I decided to choose to be grateful and happy. (It’s easier said than done, but by constantly nagging myself to make a change I made it there.) After all, we were in the season of gratitude and happiness being in November/December.

Budgeting and saving our money really is one of the best things we have decided to do as a couple and as a family even if it isn’t the easiest thing to accomplish at times. It’s important to us to prepare for our futures and to stay out of the consumer-mindset so we can be present and happy with all of the things we already have. We are so fortunate to even be able to do and have the things we do, and I was mindlessly throwing it all to the side. Getting frustrated, I think, is part of this process. This probably won’t be the last blog I write about how difficult of a time I am having, but I got through it by looking myself in the mirror, taking a deep breath, and changing my way of thinking and my attitude.  Keeping the right mindset in all we do can always make the difference.

Happiness is a choice, will you make it today?

Thanks for being here,


The Spackman’s

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