Simplify Your Health

Health and fitness is one of the things we pride ourselves on in our household. It’s probably the number one thing we have in common in our relationship and something we have always enjoyed doing together. (Unless it’s hiking… NEVER ask Chaz to go on a hike with you… (insert rolling eye emoji)) I was once one of those people who would restrict all carbs and “fatty” foods from my diet to try and lose a couple extra pounds, only to find myself watching Netflix with a pack of double stuffed Oreo’s on a Friday night. I thought that only eating chicken, egg whites, and green veggies was the only way to REALLY lose weight, plus miles of cardio that I really didn’t enjoy doing that much.

After I got home from competing at Miss USA, my husband (then soon-to-be boyfriend) convinced me to try simplifying my diet and exercise routine into the things that he had found and proved worked for him. I lost like ten pounds in just a couple of weeks… MAN did I wish I had listened to him BEFORE the biggest pageant of my life.

We’ve pretty much got our fitness routine down to a science at this point, we can manipulate our calorie intake to lose, maintain, or gain weight whenever we’d like depending on our goal at that time, and I’m going to share our three ingredients to our success.

  1. Food

The first key to our success is counting our macros. I know, I know, when I say the word ‘count’ it doesn’t sound simplified at all, but trust me, IT IS. The way we look at it is we just give our bodies exactly what they need to run the most efficiently. We find the correct numbers of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats to either lose weight, maintain our weight, or put on some muscle. Getting the body I want is made so much easier by simply counting and adjusting numbers to my goal at the time, even after having a baby! I was able to bounce back in about 90 days once I restarted hitting my numbers. By doing this, I never have to say no to bread, cookies, or pancakes (unless my calories are set very low for some reason). This rarely happens because I can simply put the foods into MyFitnessPal, and fill in my numbers as my day goes on. I probably have the biggest sweet tooth on the planet, so eating a cookie a day and still staying on track makes all my dreams come true.

Food is NOT the enemy. Once I learned that the better off I was. All you need to start counting your macros is a food scale for accuracy, and you’re off to the races.

2. Exercise

The cliché answer to exercise to lose weight is “just do a bunch of cardio!” Well, don’t do that. Hours and hours on a cardio machine is not going to get you the body you’re after. If you enjoy it, by all means do it I know plenty of wonderful people who love to pound the pavement for miles on end because they LOVE to do it. If that’s you, you should never stop doing something you enjoy! But the way to really shape your body is by lifting weights, and not just lifting, but pushing your body to lift some heavy weights with correct form. With a mixture of heavy compound and lighter isolation movements, it’s amazing how you can shape and tone your body by putting in some work 3-5 times a week. I got some of my best results when I was lifting four times a week, with two, 10-15 minute sessions of light/medium intensity cardio. It was so simple, but paired with hitting my macronutrient numbers everyday, it is all I needed.

3. Consistency

This final ingredient is probably the most important of all. If you only eat the right amounts of food part of the day, and only workout Monday and Thursday one week and only on Wednesday the next, you probably aren’t going to see the results you’re after. Being consistent in your physical and mental efforts is what is going to pay off in the long run. That’s why it is so important to find a plan that you love and enjoy doing so you can stick to it for years to come. Putting crazy restrictions on foods isn’t going to be feasible, and putting too much workload on your body isn’t going to be sustainable in the long run either. Finding a balance in the kitchen and in the gym, and sticking to it on a consistent basis (cheat days and rest days are ALWAYS allowed) will be the best key in your pocket.

What I am currently doing:

I am currently in the middle of an 8 week program designed to shape the woman’s body and put some size on my glutes. I lift weights five days a week + one night I go to a cycling class + one rest day. I’m trying to grow the booty a bit, so using some bands for some band is my very favorite thing at the moment. I’m eating approximately 1700-1800 calories a day (my numbers are pretty lax right now because I am in a slight surplus of calories while I try to build some muscle) + one amazing cheat day a week with the hubby to eat allllll the foods we want.

Fitness is something I have always enjoyed. Keeping my body healthy and moving is very important to me and my family. At the moment, I have never been happier with my fitness plans and goals. It’s so much simpler now than trying to never eat bread or do an hour on the treadmill. Simplify your health by adding in these three keys, and you’ll find some fitness-joy too.

If you have further questions on any of these keys, shoot an email over to my husband at He’s the expert who helped me (and many others) build my happiest body, and he can absolutely help you too.

Thanks for being here,


The Spackman’s

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