Our Jackson Hole Oasis

Ah Jackson Hole. A little weekend getaway that was meant to be in Washington D.C., but ended up in Wyoming. (That’s a long story that I am currently writing for you guys.) It was a beautiful, crisp weekend, and we had so much fun as a family before Chaz heads into his surgery for his hernia repair this Wednesday. I know, it sounds like we are acting all “dooms day” about his hernia repair and have to go away for the weekend, but it’s his first surgery he’s ever had! He’ll be hanging out in the house for a couple days afterwards, so we thought it would be nice to get out before he starts going stir crazy at home.

To start out our weekend, Chaz found the CUTEST little cabins for us to stay in. When I say cutest, I mean the CUTEST. It was called the Fireside Resort and they are located about 8 miles outside of Jackson which we loved. We felt like we were secluded in the mountains yet we weren’t too far from the city center. The cabins come in two different sizes, and are built like little homes. I actually felt like I was in a little house instead of locked up in a hotel room. We could have stayed there the whole weekend if our little Miss Adventurer didn’t get bored after one hour.
The cabins are about 11,000 points per night and we used our Ultimate Rewards points from Chase to cover it. Bonus: moose frequently come around the cabins in the early mornings. We were lucky enough to see a mama, daddy, and two babies on our drive into the hotel. (My animal loving heart strings were tugged pretty tight.)

Now, if you know us, you would know that Chaz and I are biiiig time foodies. Our weekend ‘cheat days’ about put us over the edge and into food comas.  So when we arrived in Jackson our very first stop was to Liberty Burgers. If you like burgers, you’ll love this place. They pretty much have any kind you could ever want and they are all delicious. Two people to each side of us were having vegan burgers, Chaz had his burger with chicken instead of meat plus all the toppings. I had a classic juicy cheeseburger that I swapped the regular hamburger out for some bison, and little Charlee had herself a pretty tasty grilled cheese sandwich, and we all split the yummmiest sweet potato fries you will ever have. Ok, I know you don’t care what we all ate for dinner that night, but I am just trying to show you the variety they have to their menu. If you love burgers, head to Liberty.
The next day for breakfast we headed to The Bunnery. If you don’t like any of my other tips for Jackson, just go here!  This place is my favorite place in Jackson to eat. It’s cute, and so, so tasty. The breakfast is to die for and the baked goods are so moist. (Does anyone else think that word is weird?) We opted for a croissant egg + bacon sandwich and French toast. I ate more French toast than I think I have since I was 15. Charlee’s little meal was one scrambled egg and a blueberry muffin, which is a better breakfast than she gets at our house most of the time…
That night, we headed for pizza. We found the perfect spot that had been aired on the TV show Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives and it didn’t disappoint. It was located right as you are coming into Jackson called Pinky G’s Pizzeria. We went slightly boring and halfed a pizza into pepperoni on one side and margarita on the other. It was a big one at 18 inches across, and between the two and a half of us, we ate all but two slices. The staff was also so good to Charlee. They gave her stickers and pens as souvenirs and the owner showed her the ovens and where the pizza goes. (She’s one, we know, she doesn’t care. But I was intrigued.)

As we were driving home we were doing our best to come up with a plan so we could move to Jackson next year… (We are still hashing out the details.)  We love the charm, the animals, and the amount of activity there is with the ski slopes and the crazy amount of running/hiking trails. Wyoming really is a beautiful, untouched place, and we are so lucky we are only a short drive away.

If you travel to Jackson soon, let us know what you try out that you love!

Thanks for being here,


The Spackman’s

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