Climbing Out of Debt

Most of us have found ourselves in the negative when it comes to debt. Credit cards, student loans, too much of a car payment to handle. It can be so frustrating, consuming, and straight up exhausting to get out of if we let ourselves get too far down the rabbit hole. When Chaz and I got married, getting rid of our debts was really important to us. Chaz had some toys and some credit cards, and I had some student loans and some credit cards too. We each had something that we had to work at together, and we knew exactly where to start.

When Chaz was a single man with no rent, he was making pretty good money all by himself. He had a nice Jeep and a really loud, but super fun motorcycle, plus the insurances for each. PLUS some credit card debt that I guess he thought was just fun to have because he didn’t even need to use credit cards. He was at a point in his life where spending some money on some big loan payments and putting money on credit cards to build his wardrobe wasn’t a huge deal.

When we found out we were pregnant though, we decided that those were some of the first things to go.  It just didn’t make sense anymore to have a motorcycle with our little baby, and it really didn’t make sense to have a jacked up Jeep Wrangler with mega tires that drove like crap down the freeway. So, Chaz sold them. And with that money he made from them he paid off his credit cards and my engagement ring that he was making payments on. A couple of debts we could check off our list.

I, on the other hand, was broke. So I didn’t have any crazy payments on fun things to make, but I did have student loans for a degree I don’t even use and a credit card that I had racked up while I was Miss Idaho USA on travels and cocktail dresses. I was pretty content on paying these off by myself. It made me feel bad that I was “burdening” Chaz with debt that wasn’t even his. It still does actually. But, being the sweet husband he is, he reassured me that it was no longer just my debt, it was OUR debt. So whenever I would get a check from a modeling gig, money that I would otherwise just spend on things or throw into savings, it went straight towards that debt. Chaz had some savings he had from before we were married and he offered to throw some of that onto my debt as well until we paid off all of my credit cards and cut my student loans in half.

Let me tell you, it was actually really hard to throw a bunch of money that was usually just extra cash all into something you didn’t even want to have in the first place.  It was like I never even got to see that money! Money that I had earned doing something that I love, STRAIGHT into something I don’t use and don’t want. Plus Chaz’s savings he’d worked so hard to accumulate. Insert rolling eye emoji. And the emoji of the blonde girl smacking herself in the face. BUT it happens. Most of us go to college without knowing exactly what we are going to do, and most of us use credit cards irresponsibly while we are young. So we accept it, find a path to resolve it, and move passed it.

We are still working on a small chunk of student loan debt, and even though we do have credit cards, we only use them to earn travel rewards. We do our best to be as responsible of adults as we possibly can, but things come up. And c’mon. We’re 26. We’re wired to make stupid decisions until we’re like 30, right? So I’m not saying that we will never have debt and we are just super good at not acquiring any, but we are learning everyday how to keep it under control and acquire the least amount as possible, if we can help it.

If we do have large expenses, we pull that out of our “emergency fund” that we keep stock piled for those rainy day bills. We also make it a point to pay our credit cards in full every month in order to stay out of debt trouble.

Life is complicated enough without adding debt to a marriage, so we try to stay out of that part of life. Keeping it at bay can be difficult, but we are so much happier when we are out of the negative, and it is SO refreshing to know we are almost there.

Thank for being here,


The Spackman’s

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