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1a : the emotion evoked by well-being, success, or good fortune or by the prospect of possessing what one desires

By reading this definition of joy, do you feel you possess it by what you currently have?  When I looked up and read the definition, I took a minute to really think to myself, “Do I have joy?” Is my well-being satisfactory? Do I feel successful? Do I possess all that I desire?

OK I asked myself a lot of questions, but I am happy to report that two out of the three are a YES:
  1. My well-being is up to par, in my eyes, anyway. We pride ourselves on our health and fitness and work on it 4-5 days a week in the gym, 6 days a week in the kitchen, (day 7 is cheat day,) and my happiness levels are usually quite high. Someday’s need a little more caffeine than others and excusing the bad days cause everyone has those, amirite?
  2. I have experienced success, but I don’t think I will ever be completely satisfied with my rate of success until the very end. After all, if we are completely happy with all that we have accomplished, wouldn’t we lose our drive to continue striving for more? Success comes in waves, and it’s up to me to catch my next big surf.
  3. As I look around at the things I possess, I am grateful for all that my husband and I have acquired for ourselves. Obviously, we all have days where we see something we desire. I have days where I have an actual list (I am a FANTASTIC list maker) of things that I want.  Whether that be for myself or for my family. However, in general, I am learning and evolving to be content about what we have around us.

Number three is the point I have been focusing on lately. The desire to always want for more can be a leach of joy.  Constantly worrying that we don’t have enough or the best of the best.  Or feeling a little incomplete until we make that purchase online and it arrives at our front door, only to feel a slight rush of happiness for 24 hours, then, after a week, the item goes in our closet never to be touched again. At least, that’s how I used to be. And to be honest, at times, catch myself wanting to do that still.

I would buy things without thinking and soon be surrounded by items that I only loved for one or two uses, then it was on to finding the next best thing. Instead of buying because of a need or a purpose, I was buying off of impulse and soon was surrounded by objects. Objects that didn’t actually bring me joy, because in reality, besides your bible and Grammie’s cookbook of baked goods, there aren’t many tangible objects that can create actual joy. Joy is created by people close to you, the memories you make with them, in places close to your heart.

It has been a rough rollercoaster for Chaz and I to reel in our desires for objects we don’t actually NEED.  The shoes he saw online yesterday, the outfit I coveted on the fashion blogger’s Instagram I follow, or all the irresistible baby items that are all over Etsy that Charlee wants one of each. She told me so…. (She’s one year old btw, strongly opinionated already on her fashion goals.)

In order to find this joy, we cleaned out our closets of the things that aren’t necessary and uncluttered our home from the distractions. We have started to simplify our living space to reach the core of life, the start of what we call our true joy. We find our happy moments now not in objects purchased, but in the simpler things: Sunday walks, evening drives, reaching one of our fitness goals, or small weekend getaways. We soak in all the moments in our home trying not to worry about what’s next, but what is happening NOW. After all, our baby is growing up so fast, if we don’t pay attention, we will miss out on all of her joy that she brings to us.

So, now I ask you, where do you find your joy?


I have to admit, writing posts on a personal blog is MUCH scarier than when I would help Chaz contribute to our posts on Lost and Lifting! L&L is a blog about health and fitness, complete facts.  This blog is going to be opinion and experiences that are personal! That’s intimidating, but it’s also freeing! Sharing my thoughts and things I’ve learned with others is going to be so fun. My hope is to inspire just one person along the way.

Thank you for being here,


The Spackman’s

Post Image by: Kennedy Kiara Photography

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